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Jorge Lourenço and Multidisciplinary Work

A new article was released on Link to Leaders by our Co-founder/CEO Jorge Lourenço, about multidisciplinary work. Go check it out!

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Forum Barreiro Night Run 2018

Some great moments of REBIS Running team, in the edition Forum Barreiro Night Run 2018! Congratulations Alchemists!


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Exame magazine

According to Susana Genelioux, in the magazine Exame Portugal, "the project went very well, with no incidents that compromised the initial plan", highlighting the excellent integration of the consultants #REBIS, with the BI team of Banco Finantia and its high degree of knowledge of the platform.

...At REBIS, we accept the Challenge!


Our Amazing Sailor Crew


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Our Talented People

At REBIS Consulting, we value talent! From many technical schools and universities like Universidade do Minho

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At rebis, we challenge our people.

Rebis At Karts

At rebis, we challenge our people and clients to be better!

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Rebis Club!

As part of another REBIS Club initiative, we took advantage of the 5th Anniversary of EVOA - Espaço de Visitação e Observação de Aves, to celebrate one of the values of REBIS Consulting - "We Care"! Also for nature, for birds and for a better world.

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At Rebis we live the world!

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In the last thirty days, over one hundred professionals, from 18 to 57, applied for an opportunity in the 5th Edition of the Professional Academy of REBIS Consulting; for new challenges in SAP Analytics, and to change life.

Last call? recruitment@rebisconsulting.pt

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Are you ready for the 5th edition of Rebis Academy?

In the words of Nuno Ferreira, co-Founder and CEO of REBIS, with Jorge Sousa "the significant acceptance in the Portuguese market of our business analytics services portfolio has led to a significant increase in brand investment in our country, as an operational base and support to an increasing network of national and international clients."

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Rebis FC

At Rebis we play hard and work harder!

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Learning and sharing experiences is part of REBIS DNA. Future entrepreneurs in training with our MKT geek.

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As REBIS Consulting professionals, our people have access to our #REBIS #Club with great benefits and deals on multiple stores and services. Drop us a message and tell your story.

E-mail: recruitment@rebisconsulting.pt

If so, take advantage of the last days of vacation. Work smart to enjoy your life!

Follow Daniel Neto and join us! Have a life time experience.

Our people have many preferences and respect for all emotions.

At Rebis we plant too!

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility Program, we had the opportunity to change a (now) beautiful preschool garden engaging children with our own unique REBIS way! Thanks to our amazing volunteers and everyone for taking part!

At REBIS we Care!

Show us your value, too! Join us and Elson Simões and be part of the team!

Be a special one, too! Join us and José Mourinho and be part of the team!

Pitch Bootcamp

As part of the Pitch Bootcamp initiative by SparkAgency, we were in another fantastic edition of Pitch Bootcamp at ISCTE, with excellent profiles and future professionals.

Drop us a message at: recruitment@rebisconsulting.pt and join us!

A life changing experience!

Lunch at Rebis

We are looking for young and experienced talented people. Drop us a message to: recruitment@rebisconsulting.pt

We are looking for young and experienced bi sapbo professionals. Drop us a message to: recruitment@rebisconsulting.pt!